Top 5 Best Military Boots On The Market Today

Are you looking to buy the best military boots? Why are you interested in combat boots? Military boots have become really popular in the past years. We all know that they are used in an environment where intensive work is consistent, but people wear tactical boots every day as a fashion trend. These boots were originally made for military and soldiers since they provide great comfort, stability, protection, and they are insanely durable.

Since there is a huge variety of military boots, if you find a pair you probably won’t go wrong. We made this top 5 list for the best urban tactical boots to help you make a decision when it comes to buying a pair.

1. DailyShoes

These boots had to be on the top of our list for the best combat boots. They are extremely durable, versatile, comfortable, and they provide great foot protection. Since they are unisex, both men and women will find these boots attractive and appealing. You can choose to buy the boots in the color you like if you want to wear them as a part of your everyday outfit. Since these boots are made of leather, they are very durable and resistible.

2. Bates

If you are looking for the best urban tactical boots that is high-quality, these are a perfect option for you. You will be amazed how comfortable and durable these boots are. They are made of 70% leather and 30% nylon. For this kind of a shoe, the price is reasonable. If you want a fashion boot this is probably not the best choice because they are available only in black color. These shoes are designed with a Zipper made from Velcro that is on the side of the shoe, this helps to further adjust how tight is the shoe tied.

3. Maelstorm

This shoe is one of the best combat boots you will find on the market. It provides great stability, durability, protection, and foot support. They are made of leather and fabric, which allows these boots to simultaneously breathe and provide you with great comfort. Maelstorm boots are pretty lightweight and easy to clean due to their unique design. They cost only $50 but are available only in the black color.

4. Under Armour

This is one of the best military boots that is designed for men. They offer excellent traction and grip because outsole is designed with a high-quality rubber, this also allows you to achieve higher speeds when you are wearing these shoes. They are pretty lightweight and versatile, but they cost $120 which can be quite expensive for some people. They come in a variety of colors so you can also wear them as a part of your outfit.

5. Ryno Gear

These boots have a specific design created with ballistic nylon and leather. This will provide you with extreme comfort, foot protection, and durability. They also provide an exceptional grip due to their design and are waterproof, so if you spend a lot of time being wet, these shoes might be the right option for you. The breathable nylon mesh design will provide you with great durability because it is integrated with industrial fabric that is very strong. They are also not that expensive, coming at the price of only $40.


When buying the best urban tactical boots, first you want to look at the quality of the shoe, especially if you are planning to wear them constantly, and if you plan to wear them in a harsh environment. The boots on our list are extremely durable and they are reviewed the best, so you can consider buying some of those. Combat boots were made for the military, so don’t forget that any pair you find will be really strong and resistant. But if you want something that you can wear every day when you are going out, you can consider boots from our list, but also, if you need boots for a specific reason of protecting your foot, there are options for that too.

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