Top 5 Best Gun Cleaning Kits

Once you become the owner of a gun – whatever that may be – it becomes apparent that after use, your gun must be cleaned. While there are hundreds of gun cleaning kits on the market, not all of them may be suitable for your gun.

Here we have reviewed the top 5 best gun cleaning kits for you, to solve the problem of deciding which kit to buy.

1. Allen Company 70540 Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit

This gun cleaning kit is manufactured from professional grade components including items for standard rifles and pistols, as well as 12, 20, and .410 bore shotguns.

You will find everything you need in this kit including items such as bronze brushes, cotton swabs, muzzle guards, cleaning brushes, and brass adaptors. In total there are 65 tools and supplies to keep your gun in pristine condition at all times.

The gun cleaning kit comes with a handy toolbox where you can store everything in one place and carry with you. The dual latches on the carry box mean it will never accidentally open and spill your supplies. With all the components and the carry bow, this is one f the best pistol cleaning kits on the market.

2. GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

This all-in-one gun cleaning kit can be used on all types of rifles, shotguns, and pistols. The slotted tips and cleaning jags are all made from high quality brass and nylon plastic. This means that there is less chance of having a broken tip/jag inside the gun barrel.

The carry case has plenty of room in it, with a special section for cleaning oil and solvent. You will ntice that the carry care is lightweight, although surprisingly organised and durable.

The cleaning kit comes with an amazing selection of items such as brushes, mops, spear-pointed jags, slotted patch loops, and muzzle guards, to mention a few, while there are rods for rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

This gets one of the best gun cleaning kit reviews because it contains everything you could ever need in a lightweight carry case.

3. Ohuhu Gun Cleaning Kit

This deluxe gun cleaning kit contains everything you will ever need for taking care of your weapons. You will find that you can clean everything from rifles, pistols, and shotguns, as well as muzzle-loaders.

The kit contains 58 pieces of high-quality brushes, mops, jags, tips, and adaptors, as well as 104 cleaning patches.

You will notice that the kit is made of premium brass, phosphor bronze, stainless steel, and engineered plastic which is built to last. Nothing will rust, bend or break.

The gun cleaning kit is housed in a handy carry bag measuring 15.6 x 10.6 x 2.2 inches, so is small enough to carry anywhere and be stored when not in use.

The convenience and compactness of this universal gun cleaning kit make it one of the best you can buy.

4. Guide Gear Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

This gun cleaning kit cleans every gun including black powder weapons. The carry bag is very well organised with ll you need at hand. You will notice that the carry bag is made from tough, moulded material for easy portability.

The parts are all top quality, made from superior materials. This gun cleaning kit carries all the cleaning essentials in one place.

The kit comes with solid brass rods for both rifles and pistols, as well as brass rods for larger rifles, shotguns, pistols, and muzzleloaders. There are bronze brushes, mops, spear-pointed jags, muzzle guards, and accessory adaptors, as well as cleaning patches and polishing cloths.

The carry bag has no less than 50 cleaning patches and 4 polishing cloths to keep your weapons immaculate. The durable, carry bag makes this one of the best pistol and gun cleaning kits available.

5. Forliver AR15 / M16/ M4 Cleaning Kit

This universal gun cleaning kit can be used on all types of rifle, shotgun, and pistol. The weight of the carry bag with all the items inside is just 2.89 pounds, making this item easy to carry around with you. It is also slim enough to fit into small spaces for easy storage.

The kit includes cleaning rods for rifles and pistols, rods for the larger weapons, as well as bronze brushes, mops, jags, patch loops and utility brushes, to mention a few. There are over 100 cleaning patches of different sizes, as well as 4 polishing cloths.

This is one of the best gun cleaning kits available, not only for the durability, but also the compactness and high quality of the contents.


You should take into consideration the amount of space you have when it comes to choosing a gun cleaning kit and storing it. Some can be stored in very small places while others need a little more. All the gun cleaning kit reviews we have done here can either be stored under a car seat or in the trunk of your car, and all of them are high-quality, versatile kits, making them some of the best gun cleaning kits you can buy.

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