Best Tactical Flashlight Review

With such a huge variety of tactical flashlights, it may be a difficult task for you to pick the best tactical flashlight that is available on the market. For sure, you want to make sure that you get the best quality flashlight, that also is really bright and precise. It is very important to pick the brand that is trustworthy and that you can rely on based on the previous models of the brand, or their reputation. Since options are endless, price ranges, shapes, sizes, and the actual powers of flashlights, picking the right one could be a problem for some of you.

To help you make a decision what is the best tactical flashlight you can get, we made this tactical flashlight review to further inform you and give you some tips and tricks when buying.

1. Klarus XT11GT

This is probably the best tactical flashlight on our list. This high-quality flashlight comes at the price of $90 but is probably the best tactical flashlight that you will get for this price. The flashlight itself comes with programmable settings, a side switch, and a very specific dual-tail switch. Maximum output of this flashlight is 2000 lumens, which is incredible, and since you can change the settings, you can set the way light is projected to fit your needs. The product comes with a USB charger and a 18650 battery that is rechargeable.

2. FlashlightZ

If you are on a budget, but you want a high-quality flashlight, this is the perfect option for you. It costs only $40 but offers so many great features. The switch is on the tail of the flashlight and the output is 1000 lumens, which is amazing for this price. The flashlight has modes that you can modify and fit your needs at any given moment. The battery of the flashlight is 2200mAh, it is rechargeable, and you will also get a USB charger if you get the product from this link.

3. Klarus XT11S

This model from Klarus is very similar to our number one pick. Klarus XT11GT has a stronger battery, is a little bit brighter, but also more expensive. This model was released before Klarus XT11GT so the differences are understandable. Klarus XT11S is a really cool looking, very high-quality made, and it provides enough light to light up huge spaces. 1100 lumens will be enough to light up a whole street, so the power of this flashlight is huge!

4. Streamlight 88060

If you want a bigger flashlight, this is the right choice for you. This flashlight feels insanely durable and comfortable in the hand. It has an amazing 2200 output and is powered by 4 CR123A batteries, or on 2 18650 batteries. It features 3 user modes and 4 light modes and is waterproof. The price is $93, but with all of these awesome features, it is totally worth the money. As we mentioned, this flashlight is bigger and bulkier than previous picks on this list, so if you are looking for a big flashlight, you can go with this one.

5. SureFire G2X

This flashlight is made of a very durable Nitrolon material. It is not really bright since it provides only 320 lumens at maximum light, and 15 lumens if you want to extend the runtime. It also turns on with a tail switch but has only two lighting modes. It is designed to look very simple but also feels wonderful in hand. The downfall of this flashlight is that it doesn’t provide as much light as our previous picks, it has a LED type that is unknown, and there are rumors that batteries tend to run out very quickly.


In this tactical flashlight review, we tried to make top 5 picks of the best tactical flashlights we were able to research. When buying a tactical flashlight, first look at your budget. You can get a really good flashlight for a low price, but also much better that are a lot more expensive. So if you are willing to spend a little more, you should do it. Don’t forget to think about the power of flashlight, size, durability, and how versatile it is.

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