Choosing the Best Tactical Belt for Concealed Carry

A man has only two hands; however, there are situations and professions that require a lot of small accessories and tools to carry. Security guards, military personnel, policemen, electricians, and utility workers need the best tactical belt for carrying their everyday gear and tools. The decent tactical belt should be comfortable and lightweight, sturdy and durable, adjustable and versatile, reliable and secure. We’ve reviewed today’s best tactical belts in order to create the user rating, so you could easily choose your perfect concealed carry belt. All units feature approximately the same price, so you can choose what suits you better without regard to a budget.

Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry by Concealed Carrier, LLC

This waist band handgun carrying system features one universal size that comfortably fits everyone with up to 44-inch belly (the unit measures 42.25 by 5 inches). This very best conceal carry band is produced of neoprene material. It is well ventilated, soft against your skin and comfortable to wear, which stretches well and does not limit your wardrobe; this material is also thicker and more durable than elastic. This surgical-grade holster comes in left-handed and right-handed styles and fits sub-compact, compact, full-size pistols and revolvers. The belt also has an extra pouch and this spare magazine pocket can be used for holding money, keys, or credit cards. This very best tactical belt offers versatile carry options both inside and outside the waistband, crossbody and appendix position, behind hip and like a shoulder holster. This elastic belly band holster allows wearing shirts, gym shorts, sweatpants, jeans, and dress, so this is a good option for a modern stylish person.

Nylon Heavy-Duty EDC Tactical Web Belt by MISSION ELITE

This one of the best tactical belts is produced from high-quality nylon webbing by the US-based company. This two-layer, reinforced band is 1.5-inch wide and features strength, rigidity, and durability yet it is freely adjustable and does not restrict movements as a leather gun belts with holes. No matter what firearm, equipment, tool or gear you carry, you can be sure that no bending, sagging, or folding over will happen. This stiffened belt is a great outfit for EDC (everyday carry), concealed carry or open carry; it perfectly holds any IWB or OWB holster. This unit has an infinitely adjustable design and a flexible size chart varying between 37 and 57 inches in increments of 4 inches (when your measured size is in between sizes, go with the larger belt size). The non-metallic buckle is lightweight and security checkpoints friendly, it is comfortable yet strong. The quality is guaranteed by no reason money back warranty.

Heavy-Duty Rigger’s Belt for Concealed Carry by WOLF TACTICAL

This great tactical belt is a bit wider than the previous (1.75 inch) but is also made from a high-quality nylon webbing, reinforced for added rigidity. The belt comprises two layers of stiffened nylon and a heavy-duty metal buckle. Such tough design allows withstanding a very intensive use while working in any extreme conditions or emergency situations. This very best conceal carry belt support any IWB or OWB holster with no sag or rolling over, however, it is comfortable enough for everyday use and carriage of tools or survival gear. In addition, a solid metal D-ring provides the possibility for attaching of extra carbines and accessories. The unit has 4 sizes that correlate with your normal pants size. The belt features freely adjustable length as it has no holes. A Velcro hook and loop closure securely holds the running end and keeps the buckle secure. This product comes with a 100% money back guarantee, so it is completely risk-free purchase.

Military Style Webbing Riggers Tactical Belt by Fairwin

This very best tactical belt is designed to be worn with most casual or tactical pants and withstand abuse without sacrificing comfort. This product is made of the dense, 1.000-denier nylon webbing and available in two lengths (34-40 or 38-44 inches) and two widths (1.5 or 1.7 inches). The belt features an adjustable sizing that allows comfortable daily carry and customizing the waistline anytime you need. The military style 2-inch buckle is made from heavy-duty metal and provides the intuitive and smooth quick-release functionality. Push two golden tabs down simultaneously to disconnect the belt; such mechanism is convenient and secure. At the same time, the material of this tactical belt is soft and comfortable for daily use, so this is a great EDC accessory. This product has a 2-year no questions asked warranty, as well as a standard 30-day money back guarantee, so you can surely try it without any risk.

Tactical Heavy-Duty Nylon Waist Belt by Packetop

This unit is perfect for a wide range of outdoor activities like hunting, hiking, or even gardening as it is soft to the touch and great for everyday wear. This army-grade belt compounds from 2 layers of 1.000-D molle nylon webbing, sewn together for added sturdiness. The molle system provides a reliable support of holsters and a comfortable feel. This lightweight, eco-friendly, breathable, and durable material is one of the factors that make this unit the best tactical belt. The other success factor is a smooth, quick release metal buckle, heavy-duty and functional. This buckle makes this belt very easy to take on and off. A thin outer belt enables effortless micro-adjustments during your day. In general, this product has 3 sizes ranging between 28 and 40 inches of waist circumference (for more slack and ease of adjustment, go with a bit larger size). This product is a bit pricier, however, it comes with a full manufacturer's lifetime guarantee.


After we’ve reviewed the best tactical belts currently available on the market, you can choose what fits you most with no extra efforts. This accessory can be a very useful supplement for your daily professional outfit. Outdoor activities also require this item to feel comfortable and well-equipped. It is not a pricey purchase, but it is a substantial addition and assistance in your everyday life. Choosing the best conceal carry belt, measure your parameters carefully and add at least 7 inches of slack, and don’t forget to account for any holsters or equipment you are planning to use. This will ensure good adjustment and great comfort of wear. Pick a worthy tactical belt and get ready for unexpected.

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