Best Tactical Pen: Perfect EDC Accessory and Survival Tool

As it was said, the pen is mightier than the sword. Today, a pen itself can be a sword and many more things else. We are speaking about the tactical pen, the worthiest samples of such tactical equipment. We’ve researched numerous best tactical pen reviews in order to find the perfect tool, which can bring you a peace of mind concerning your safety and security. You may not be planning to be in a situation of emergency or face the immediate and clear threats to life. However, you certainly can decide to be ready all the time. This defense tool will come in handy both for a smart inhabitant of a megacity and a person involved in specialized training. Because you can't put a price on having a confidence that you can protect yourself and people you love in an unexpected situation of a danger. In this article, we’ve created a rating of the best tactical pens for your convenience.

Tactical Pen Self Defense Multi Tool for Survival by 2cl direct

Among other items of the modern self-defense supplies, this pen stands out with its huge popularity, high satisfaction level, and an affordable, bargain price. Made of the ultra-strong anti-rust aluminum with a solid tungsten carbide alloy steel tip, it can be carried to pass TSA security check. It is easy to conceal and easy grasp from the pocket, just in one move. A handy belt clip of tungsten steel and a smart cap will reliably hold it in place. The stable thumb grip allows applying maximum force. The rugged, extremely hard end glass breaker can smash the window, ceramic, and even metal, so you’ll never get trapped. This multipurpose tactical pen also features an integrated design with wide application, such as 60-lumen bright, durable LED flashlight, hex wrench, scraper, bottle opener, and screwdriver. It is a precise and smooth writing pen with dark black smear-proof ink that does not leak and endures extreme conditions. This very best tactical pen comes with 2 black ink cartridges that are easy to refill and 3 sets of button cell batteries (each for up to 200 hours of work), the pen is compatible with standard refills. This product comes with a lifetime satisfaction warranty.

Impromptu Tactical Pen by Gerber

This unit is fully USA-made and pricier than others, nevertheless, it is very popular among consumers. The manufacturer has combined the decades of experience crafting tools and the results of collaboration with law enforcement professionals in order to develop this very best tactical pen. It has a stout machined steel body with a stainless steel pocket clip, yet it is handy and perfectly fits into your pocket just like an ordinary pen, so it can become part of your daily routine. The body is special Cerakote –coated for a confident grip, whenever an unexpected situation happens. This pen surely can serve to take notes like a good pen should, but it does it even better due to the unique “Rite in the Rain” ink cartridge that withstands all conditions, wet and dry. Convenient and reliable push-button mechanism deploys ball point mechanism and prevents accidental blur. In addition, the integrated tempered steel made glass-breaker tip is great for shattering a window and defending yourself from an unexpected attack.

SWAT Tactical Self Defense Weapon Pen by ATOMIC BEAR

This unit features a very affordable price and extremely high customer satisfaction. It is an optimal balance of sturdiness and lightweight, as the body is produced from a robust and light aircraft aluminum alloy. The glass breaker tip, designed to be held in reverse grip, is made of a firm tungsten carbide alloy and serves to win in a defense scenario. The pen provides a solid thumb grip allowing you to transfer your beating force to the target completely. For the additional convenience, there is a useful smart cap with a one-action-grip belt/pocket clip, one-action-grip carrying pouch, and a possibility to clip the cap on either side and grasp the pen in one movement. This EDC tool is also an excellent writing utensil equipped with two cartridges with dark black anti-smearing, writing when wet ink, which are compatible with most ballpoint refills. A sharp head makes this pen a badass tool as well that is important feature according to tactical pen reviews. This item is backed by a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

Original Tactical High-Strength EDC Survival Tool Practical Pen by Pocket Partners

This attractive, sleek-looking pen is both seriously tough to make damage and discreet as a pen and a tactical back-up in the field conditions. This fine, affordable pen is produced from aircraft-grade aluminum, which is satin anodized finish coated, to be both rugged and lightweight. It has the optimal length and weight to be suitable for an everyday use. The pen cap can conveniently slide onto the pointed end while writing, so a cap will not get lost. This unit has also practical features such as a hole at the top allowing attaching it to a key ring, pack, or purse; however, you can carry it in your pocket or glove compartment. This unit is an ideal combination of tough, durable self-defense weapon and a pen that looks elegant, feels sleek, and has a great writing grip. This one of the best tactical pens comes with two high-quality black ink cartridges, which are easy to refill with the most popular refills. The manufacturer offers a full money back guarantee.

Tactical Pen Survival Multi Tool by TakeFlight

This unit is very affordable, yet it has valuable features and can be a great father’s day gift. Military pilots, navy seals, marines, and others can fairly count on this rugged, heavy-duty pen, also suitable for everyday carry. The case is manufactured from a durable aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and can be carried in your pocket or clipped to your belt or pouch holster, impressing your co-workers with its style. A special thread grip prevents accidental slipping out. In addition to tactical features, this unit performs as any other high-quality pen. Being compatible with standard refills, it does not require clicking to start writing, just twist to deploy the pen rod. It is easy to conceal and can be used for self-defense or for an emergency rescue case due to the built-in glass breaker. This unit of personal survival gear is made by veteran-owned brand from the USA and you can be sure in the decent quality of this very best tactical pen regarding its 1-year unlimited warranty.


According to the multiple tactical pen reviews researched, the worthy tactical pen is a pen that can write in all weather conditions, as well as is rugged enough to get you out of trouble. Designed to handle the unexpected, this pen is great to feel safe while traveling, hiking, hunting, and camping. Obviously, that those people representing challenging professions chose one of the best tactical pens to feel confident that they can fight back against a sudden attack when needed. If you simply want to use a high-quality pen with additional self-defense features in your life, choose the model with the mark EDC equipment (everyday carry). In such case, you will pay exactly for what you really need. It will be a pen that you can count on as a writing accessory and a badass protection.

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