Why are we talking about Tactical Boots today?

Hobby, duty, necessity and occupation; your feets got to be covered at all times no matter where you are. Conditions that your feet are subjected to, while you use them as your transportation means; can be uncertain as anything. Tactical boots aren’t your regular boots and if you’ve used them ever; then you know what we’re talking about. Tactical boots aren’t something that you chose in a backyard sale and be done with it, nor do you get them that easily online; especially if you have no idea and you’re getting them for the first time. We get it; not everyone uses them that frequently and most of the users are first time buyers.

5.11 Tactical ATAC 8” Storm Boot
4.2 Star Rating
Danner Tachyon Boots
4.2 Star Rating
Maelstrom Landship Work Boot
Leather & Fabric
4 Star Rating
Smith and Wesson Breach 2.0
Leather & Nylon
4.4 Star Rating
Bates Men’s Ultra Lites 8 Inches Boots
Leather & Fabric
4.3 Star Rating
Ryno Gear Tactical Combat Boots
Leather & Nylon
4.6 Star Rating
Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8” Boots
Leather & Nylon
4 Star Rating
Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS Side Zip
Synthetic & Textile
4.3 Star Rating
Original S.W.A.T Classic Tactical Boot
4.3 Star Rating

Why is it that Tactical Boots are so tedious for a consumer to have, because of the specialty that goes into their functions. The durability, the material, the features, everything has to be accounted for before you’re able to make the perfect decision about your Tactical Boot. Two major reasons for that, the imperfect Boot will be a real pain in your life and besides that they’re specialized equipment of profession and technical usage and you don’t want to mess work for want of your feet and their accommodations.

Watch ‘em boots: which one would fit your need

There are very specific concerns that you need to address before getting one for yourself, these days the Tactical Boots are being used mostly for adventure sports apart from regular professional requirements. The Tactical Boots are categorized in the following ways, based on their appearance, make and usage:-

Regular All Purpose Tactical Boots

These ones just have to look rough and be tough; without any specialized they cater to the larger group of consumers who buy tactical boots not for heavy duty stuff but for the activities which by definition escape the limits of regular usage.

They have durable outsole, a comfy insole; not most of them have a reinforced rand or toecap, most of them have long collars these days for want of a good look and they are generally a little flexible. Used for sports like trekking, if your work involves home improvement scenarios or something like that, and if obviously your home is somewhere in Buffalo, New York or Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Jumping Boots

For gymnasts, professional hiking groups, people with mining profession or perhaps construction jobs; these are the ones. Why? Because they are hard on the outside and soft on the inside to support every application that more or less resembles some form of jumping movement.

They are always more reinforced in places than any other Categories of Tactical Boots. There collar generally extends to support your calves in some manner so that it eases the landing of your jump no matter how small it is. They are optimized for repetitive jump motions, for frequency of jumping, and for slow motion but periodic jumping motions as in mining profession.

Weather Treated Boots

These are the ones which are specially made for the applications of household usage if your basic survival schedule involves ploughing snow out of the driveway. For the rainy parts of the country these boots are absolutely waterproof with laceless designs as well. Very sturdy and but not very functional when it comes to interchangeability. You can’t use one type of those, in a different environment if you want to be that functional.

But eventually you may find applications of these in non-extreme weather environments as well for people who tend to keep it most organized when the extreme weathers kick in, during those parts of the year.

Tanker Boots | Heavy Duty Boots

These are the ones which come in most feature rich forms. Laced, Non-Laced, Reinforced, Metal Inserts, Heat Resistant Insole, Treated uppers and lugs for abrasive properties. Mostly optimized for those deep terrain applications, the pressure points and ruggedness.They come in specialized variants of Fire Resistive, Heat Resistive and Chemical Resistant variants. Professionals generally pick these ones for perfect usage.

You’d be amazed to know that these are the Tactical Boot variants which armed personnel and law enforcement people use. And these are the ones which most sold variants in the tactical boots section, people trust them for the value they provide to the professionals.

Brands of value: Tactical Lightweight Boots Manufacturers

The Best Tactical Boots in the world are made by manufacturers, which have been in the business since at least World War II. Tactical Boots as mentioned cannot be formulated out of thin air, they need precision, a deep understanding of the application and most of very high quality testing standards; something that scares the worth out of your regular Office Shoes. The Top Brands of Tactical Boots are therefore listed as follows:-

5.11 Tactical

This is the company that started with making pants for trekking and then later secured so great a repute in the field of providing tactical equipment that FBI now has official training equipment being delivered by them. With a wide variety of tactical solutions, Five Eleven Tactical is the manufacturer that works by the motto of holding trust in law enforcement circles and radiate the same standards to civilian consumers. Their expertise in the standards (most of which they have introduced in the industry)is something that you should go for.

Smith and Wesson

These are the people who’ve had the most trust from our fellows from NRA (pun). We won’t go into that part of the conversations and please don’t judge their credibility in their profession based on your political influences. These are the people who have long been Small arms manufacturers of the whole country and dealing with some Heavy arms as well.

But their expertise in the tactical field and law enforcement standards makes them very proficient with other equipment as well. The leather from their Midsole to Outsole and the material from their Lugs to the Rand or for that matter the abominable Toecap specializes in every sense meaning not only the overall quality but also the part by part quality is something that Smith and Wesson cares very deeply for.

Danner Boots

There’s no one in the field of professional and enthusiast trekking who might not have heard this name. Danner is the Chańel of the Boots industry, perhaps bigger than that. Danner specializes only in the field of boots manufacturing, they never dealt with any other product nor did they try to meddle with any other equipment category.

Danner holds patents to technologies in Boot Manufacturing for USA and the world and with its customers spread wide across the globe, it certainly justifies the kind of market it owns.

Maelstrom Boots

If there’s anyone who ever came into the picture by taking care of all gender specific needs of the Tactical Boots, it’s Maelstrom. Besides their lightweight category is something that even the industry agrees with. These are the best All purpose Tactical Boots manufacturers available and for that they are trusted by many stuntmen in show business and trainers of the non professional spectator sports world.

You’ll agree with their never out of stock inventories and the best price offers in the industry, but do not let that fall you into believing that they are any lower than other brands.

The Trusted and Tested Best 5 Tactical Boots in Market

It happens all the time that even if we know the specifics we still need guidance to buy products online. The Tactical Boots in this category are very deceptive, for in general notion a Tactical Boot is a Boot only but when it comes to your usage dynamics, an informed decision is very necessary. Here we provide you with the industry leaders for the pick of 5 Best Tactical Boots. Please consider that the list does not provides a marking based on superiority, these are our top picks and you can pick anyone of these with equal trust as compared to any other.

5.11 Tactical ATAC 8” Storm Boot

The integrated solutions of Tactical Trekking is something how you can define this product. Five Eleven Tactical found the best OEM parts in the industry and incorporated them in this marvel of theirs. The Ortholite® Insole incorporated in the Boot provides for pure comfort and anti microbial feature. Besides the YKK® zippers in the boots provide for ease of fit and it also has a patented 5.11®Shock Mitigation System®. The 4 layer insole system and the pressure distribution by a Nylon Flex-fit composite shank makes it a ride of life when you apply this for Regular All Purpose applications.

It’s almost like 5.11 took the best of all it had in the specialized boots that it offers and made this one as a symbol of its expertise. Choose this one for the best features it has and the perfectionism that it offers.

Danner Men’s Tachyon 8” Duty Boots

If there’s one thing that Danner concentrates on, its User Comfort. They have moulded the whole practice of Shoe Engineering into a subtle delivery of the best user experience. The midsole is a special patented EVA Polymer, which provides cushioning unparalleled in the whole industry. No one we repeat no one, provides a special emphasis on Midsoles but Danner does.

The one feature that we personally loved was the Pentagonal Lugs which means that your boots make the maximum possible surface contact every time and that helps in keeping your pace as well as seasoning those pressure points perfectly when you use the boots. The footbed is also polyurethane based and abrasion resistant along with the toe cap. This one’s also an All Purpose Universal Tactical Boot and sure does a great work at being that way.

Chose this one for the finest comfort that it provides you despite the outer necessary ruggedness.

Maelstrom Men’s Landship Military Tactical Duty Work Boot

The one thing that you’ll fall for with Maelstrom Landship Boot is the triple combination of Full Grain Leather, Breathable Sole mesh and Suede. The moisture wicking linings across the whole lug makes the boot remain dry for long work shifts. That’s what you want from a simple Tactical Boot that it remains functional throughout the day and precipitates that odor on its own at the end of the day.

With thermoplastic heel reinforcement the more you use it, the more this boot maintains its shape and rigidity in toughest climates. It absorbs heat to maintain the rigidity of the polymer ingested in the heels.That’s why the name Military Tactical Boot. With the polishable surface and the most lightweight make this surely proves to be the favorites of Law enforcement ecosystem. Choose this one if you’re in the kind of job that needs a Tactical Boot but it needs you to be boots on and kicking continuously.

Smith and Wesson Breach 2.0 Tactical Side Zipper Boots-8”

Let the bigger guns role out with this offer. Meet Smith and Wesson the Tactical Boot makers with experience in high end military equipment especially guns and artillery. Talking about the boots, these are the ones that you put in the category of Tanker Boots. They are as sturdy as they come, with strong emphasis on Torsional Strength imbibed by Broad-Lasted construction. This means that you have less chances of buckling your ankles at any point of time even if you are on one of the most uneven mountain tracks of the Mount Rushmore Site.

The Boot is Slip-Resistant which deals with complete functionality of its usage in the worst scenarios of those Jungle Safaris and Survival Treks. Gusseted tongue keeps debris and dust out which is very advantageous when it comes to sports and adventure activites. These people mean business and the appearance is their last preference.Chose this one if you’re a die hard enthusiast and challenging sports that demand these boots are your way of life.

Bates Men’s Ultra Lites 8 Inches Tactical Sport Side Zipper Boots

Now that’s what we call a specialized piece of offering. This Non-Metallic Tactical Boot is made to save you from any Electric or Fire based application environments. From shank to hardware and construction the boots are completely Shock proof. This Boot stands for its durability. With users claiming an average shelf life of  5-6 years, this tactical boot is meant to stand the tide of time with the most tedious usage in worst environments.

The mesh lining and breathable nylon provides for great breathability of the Tactical Boot. The best feature of this boot according to reviews and tests is the kind of durability it serves. It also has a removal cushion insert so you can chose for it remain comfy or rigid for the kind of application you chose. Chose this one for the extra features, specialization and most of the service life it offers.

Some honorable mentions who didn’t make it to the top 5 list but were agreeably good enough:-

Ryno Gear Tactical Combat Boots with CoolMax Lining

Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8” Boots

Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS Side Zip

Original S.W.A.T Men’s Classic Tactical Boot

Factors that’d suit not punish your feet: Tactical Boots Buying Guide

Before you go ahead and pick one for yourself just based on our description, we’d like to remind you that buying online is not only about specs. You need to know certain dos and don'ts before you make the decision to spend. Here are some guide steps:-

Weight and Fit

From everything that tactical boot manufacturers may provide you with the actual equipment, you always need to know if the boot will be an asset or liability for you to carry around. Confirm the weight of the Boot from the official website of the Company. And if there isn’t an official website then you might probably want to skip your pick.

Besides the common problem that people face with the Tactical Boots is that either they end up hurting themselves while choosing and using one, or they end us dragging the load every time they walk with it. Always take a factor size 1.25 to 1.5 depending upon your age and even BMI (charts available on websites and online) to know which one might fit you the best.

Material Types

Each part of the Tactical Boot has the capability of sporting a unique kind of material depending upon the application. Know your show well before you make the decision. The material if Insole to the material of out sole. Is it EVA or Treated Polyurethane. The Leather outside along the ‘collar’ and ‘upper’ can come in variants of Full Grain or Split Grain depending upon where you want to lead; for the looks or for the ruggedness. The outsole material can be Vibram, no-marking rubber or some synthetic blend depending on how long are you going to out the Boots to use on a daily basis.

Other things thatt you might want to be careful about could be:-

  1. Waterproof and Chemical Proof Capability

  2. Connection between sole and upper | Welded, Sewed or Glued

  3. Shock absorption techniques | only Sole based or construction based

  4. Outsole thickness and Toecap material (metal or thermoplastic)

Choose your sole with your soul: them boots can make or break you

As mentioned Law enforcement officials have long trusted the private players to provide them with the best kind of equipment for their job towards the country and its citizens. This same trust has been replicated in consumer goods segment of Tactical Boots by these respective organizations. Tactical gear is something that you buy when you need it, not out of hobby or just cynical fling; so obviously you know the significance of specs while choosing your toe cover. Just keep in mind the points that we;ve mentioned and you’ll be able to find that perfect pair without any pain online as well (contrary to the popular belief of ‘you gotta feel it to know if it’ll work or not’). There’s no excuse that one needs to be safe at workplace and otherwise and Tactical boots if chosen wisely certainly do provide a productivity advantage as well to the job at hand. We hope that you find our information very useful to get your pick so that you could keep it kickin` and alive.